Single-Axis SunTracer SM40M1V2P

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The SunTracer SM40M1V2P is device that turn the solar panel as perpendicularly to the fall of the sun raysas possible, and in this way enable the highest whole-day utilization of a solar panel. The solar cell gives the highest output power if it is turned as perpendicularly as possible to the source of radiation – the sun. Any other illumination angle of the rays drastically reduces the output power of electricity that can be obtained from the cell. Therefore, it is sensible to use a suntracking system and in this way obtain up to 61% more electricity on a sunny day than you would otherwise. Electricity consumption of the motor itself for the turning is negligible compared to the profit.

With SunTracer SM40M1V2P, the control of the elevation angle is manual. The operator can manually adjust the elevation angle several times a year in order to make it as perpendicular to the sun as possible.

The control of the elevation angle is fully automated. According to the internal clock, the tracker corrects its position at adjustable time intervals and in this way tracks the sun. The area of the hour-angle motion is about 100 degrees, therefore the tracker starts tracking the sun at 8 solar hours and stops at 16 solar hours, depending on the season. Outside this time the motor is at a standstill, except when the shade avoidance function is on, and at 23 hours (settable), when it turns to its initial position and thus waits for the sun in the East.

With precise fitting and accuracy better than 0,5 deg, you can achieve that the sun tracker ensures the perpendicular tracking of the sun by the solar cell throughout 100°.

Under average, normal conditions the tracker operates with any solar panel of up to 3.9m2 (41.98 ft2) in area, and weight up to 60 kg (132.28 lbs). The solar cell must not be too heavy, exposed to strong winds or large quantities of wet snow. You have to be especially careful that the solar panel is fitted to the tracker shaft in such a way that the panel centre of gravity is as close to the tracker rotation axis as possible, to prevent motors overload.

The internal clock will run even if there is no energy. This is taken care of by the internal back-up battery (a 3V lithium battery).

SunTracer SM40M1V2P have proven ideal for for PV panels, concentrators – CPV and heliostats. A SunTracer is essential component in photovoltaic systems for commercial and residential use such as on-grid at roof on residential and commercial buildings, trafic signalisations, street light, cottages, small photovoltaic power plants where solar panels are connected in serial and output is connected directly to inverter or an external charging device. Wind resistance is minimal 130km/h (36.11m/s). In a Year basis with Single axis motor you can get 7% less income of energy compared to Dual-Axis motor.

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